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So getting the best of me is all right

supporting the rest of m is a fight?

It's a fight you'll fight alone

Does it matter if I'm wrong?

Should we all just get along?

There's still so much that we will never know

What's meaningful inside

should always come to light

Our egos shouldn't shut us down

we can work through his together

things will always turn out better

I know we can make it through if we can stand our ground


We don't stand alone

we won't be overthrown


Why do we try to argue this

This is just a broken mess

we're all just trying to get by

Don't make me try to understand

Just reach out and take my hand 

If we band together I know we will survive

We over complicate our statements

we get tangled up in hatred 

we never see the ugly nature

of our words

No one's fighting for us

all we can do is sing the chorus

and one day soon our voices

will be heard

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