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I used to be so careless

everything was free

she's a million dollar heiress 

pure gold between the sheets

poetry and incense 

sweet flowers are her tongue

simply making me forget when

my story had begun

Pressed for time, the clock is creeping

as I'm bleeding out

What was mine has lost all meaning 

The walls are screaming out

Now the rhyme has found it's reason

it puts the pressure down

the suspect has now left the scene 

who's looking for me now?

Got me sleeping with the lights on

'cause we just never know

sleeping with the lights on

till somebody tells me so

we'll never know

will they let us go

I'd like to take my time now

just sneaking through the door

I'm gonna take what's mine now

what's mine and nothing more

so save your accusations 

I'll never find a cure

the beauty overwhelms me

But I'm better than before

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