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There is a ghost it seems

Living so close to me

Riding the coastal breeze

Seeing my shows for free

He looks so hollow

I don't dare follow

but he's always where I am

and I do not understand 

He paints me a picture in a boat

by the sea

and now I see

I see the ghost is me

I'm Pretty sure this time

I'm pretty sure that I'm fine

and I'm not sure what I see

but I'm pretty sure I'm me

I could not let him be

We sat down for toast and tea

The ghost, he spoke to me

and told me his hopes and dreams 

we rifled through scattered memories 

and cutting-room floor deleted scenes

when we got to the bottom of the mystery

he disappeared right in front of me

We found comfort in defeat

I just got restless in this seat

No one else could take the heat

I found my strength when I fell weak

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