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Be Just, be just

I've still got so much love for you to save


If you don't want it I'll take it to my grave

But, you've still got some of mine

and if this wasn't wasted time

just keep it in a special place

Don't give my love away

Be tough, be tough

That's what everybody says

but, I haven't seen it help me yet

sure enough

While every day I see a chance

Toughness just breeds arrogance

You go on, put me in my place

 but, even in our separate ways

we linger in a state unchanged


All this burning in my chest

all this poison in my veins 

the torture of the  wonder

it's happening again

some days I'm living in a dream

Goin' peaceful and serene

but, then I lon for all the love that's

never been

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