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I don't think about where we're headin'

Sometimes it feels like Armageddon 

The phony fools that we let in

ensuring our oppression

in every mistake there is a lesson

Don't fuel your own regression

Just continue to put the best in

it is worth your full investment

The world needs us

to take a stand

what's in our hearts 

must be our plan

Speak up and save the truth

Don't let them take the youth

Let me be a prophet of music

the face of fun

homogenize youth will not appreciate one

politicians and musicians

it's the same routine

bold examples of a mass

global marketing scheme

it's time to wake up before they

break up the team 

I will not lie down and let

them take my dream

If they throw water on my fire

I will turn it into steam

pressure building till I blow up

and wash them clean

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