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I ain't feeling myself, if you have to know

I'm filling my head with the words to grow

believing I'd get through one way or the next

But you're filled with pride

you keep on fighting 

what you feel inside, not inviting

just let it glide

you know that i could be the best

But you can't slow down, I see you smile

when I'm around, for awhile 

and the pain I've found is worth

getting next to you

I don't wanna feel right

If I know that nothing's wrong 

I know we hit a real height

and you've known it all along

It's gonna be a long night 

I'll stay till we see the sun

and if it's wrong

Honey, I don't wanna feel right

You're in a pitch black place

I know the game

Depression is my middle name

Don't ask me, it's a place

we don't wanna go

But now I bring light

I'm through with the darkness

wanna see you shine bright

the hardest part is (that)

darlin, my love might be all you need to know

It's true

Why would I lie to you

it's true

You know what you've got to do

It's you

what have you got to lose

except everything in this beautiful world

you beautiful girl

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