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Why don't you slide my way

I think I've got something to say

It's a dream that I can't wake from

or break from or shake away

It's been about pain

but today I think I'll refrain

Step away from all the bullshit

just push it all away

It's so nice

a picture of you by my side

but, I won't let it get me

my heart won't let me

get carried away

So if you want to love

do what you wanna do love

I felt you coming on strong

I guess that's the reason I wrote this song

We're in the thick of this

I won't get sick of this

I'm playing with a loaded gun

but we can still have some fun

Woah what do you say

Yes is the answer today

I guess I'll still don't know

If I'm ready to go

Better plan on it some more

don't rush it, discuss it

and take it slow

So if you wanna vibe with me

and see what no one else can see

You already do, that's what draws me to you

and away from misery

If it's for real this time

I'll try not to lose my mind

I know it seems crazy but

just trust me baby 

we'll both be fine

Some things just don't work out

but if we don't try it out

Can we live with ourselves

if we never know?

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