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Can't fake love, can I take love?

Doesn't seem it's meant for me

I try to taste love, but I waste love

Does it seem it's meant to be?

I'm on a roll now, ain't going home now

Trying to find the missing piece

I'm a pretender, Trying to render

Thought I had the tools to mend her

You put me in my place again 

So give me the room

let me show you what I can do

Darlin it's you

You know there's nothing better than you

I'm sorry to grab you, but I had to

I'm still trying to get through

So, Give me the room 

Let me show you what my love can do

Your essence, your presence 

Is my very favorite place 

A true connection, I see my reflection

when I look upon your face

I believe you, I don't wanna leave you

you could be my saving grace 

Let me hold you, I already told you

You cannot be replaced

I see that look upon your face again

Could it be it's not the time

 could it be a warning sign

It's beautiful in my mind

Love has taken figure

The world seems so much bigger when your mine

and we've got so much time to try

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